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The list below contains all the sessions that are planned and got entered into the conference system. Due to missing time, there are some sessions missing in this overview. Please refer to the schedule to see all the sessions.

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FORMidable : RAD under TYPO3




Formidable is an API for quick building applications based on forms and lists of elements.
This presentation will demonstrate the key features of the API:

- xml based configuration
- easy to implement
- forms in creation / edition mode
- records list + search form
- easy usage of JS client / PHP server / AJAX events
- nice integration of JS effects without having to code JS, thanks to majix ( with formidable typo3 becomes 2.0 ;) )
- fully flexible thanks to userobj, inserts of PHP inside the xml structure
- useable in FE and BE
- tons of renderlets available ( a renderlet is a form element such as text field, listbox, RTE, ... )

Formidable community is active, you can join us in our newslist typo3.projects.formidable.
SVN on sourceforge is also available, see "Formidable SVN on sourceforge" in the newslist for more details

A concrete example of usage will be presented ( BE management of linked products for commerce with Formidable )

Looking forward to see you at T3DD,

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