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Accepted talks

The list below contains all the sessions that are planned and got entered into the conference system. Due to missing time, there are some sessions missing in this overview. Please refer to the schedule to see all the sessions.

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Installer 2.0


Thomas Hempel


As member of the Core-Team I currently work on a new incarnation of the Install-Tool. I would like to show the concepts and what is currently done.

This is a presentation of round about 30 minutes I guess.

Afterwards I want to start a discussion to find developers that want to participate to make the new Installer possible for version 4.2

Maybe a brainstorming can be done and some coding if someone is interested.

As mentioned by J├╝rgen I would like to split the session into two. the first can be discussion and brainstorming. The second will be coding. If 45 minutes are not enough we can search for some free place in the hall downstairs I guess. :-)


Target audience 

Technical (Developers, Administrators etc.)

Target OS


Time schedule




Authors Description 

Thomas Hempel comes from Hamburg, Germany and is 25 years old. He works with TYPO3 for almost 4 year now. He wrote several extensions where some of them are available in the TER. Since October 2006 he is member of the Core-Team and patches, reviews and implements new features for the 4.X branch.
He also blogs about TYPO3 and some other stuff on typo3-unleashed.net.

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