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Dietikon - Our Location

The 2nd official TYPO3 Developer Days will take place in Dietikon, Switzerland. Dietikon is approx. 10km west of Zürich and can be easily reached by train, airplane and car.

Please have a look at the following directions, then you will find our location without problems. In addition to the written directions, we prepared a map giving you an overview of Dietikon.

As there are not that many parking possibilities, we recommend that you travel by public transport!

Travelling by airplane

There are direct trains from Zürich Airport to Dietikon.

At the airport, the trains depart in the underground. Just follow the train signs and you will find the railway station. Tickets are sold next to the escalators that bring you to the railway tracks. A one-way ticket (2nd class) is CHF 7.60, you can buy it at a ticket machine or at the counter.

The direct trains to Dietikon run every hour at xx:04, final destination is Basel.

Dietikon is the 3rd stop and will be reached after 16 minutes.

Please see the directions in the next section for the way from the railway station to our location.

Travelling by train

Most long distance trains will bring you to Zürich. From there you can reach Dietikon in approx. 15 minutes by train. From the railway station Dietikon to our location, you have to walk for about 8-10 Minutes.

The trains to Dietikon run from track 21 or 22 in the underground at Zurich main station. You need to take either the S3 (to Dietikon or Aarau) or the S12 (to Brugg). There is a train every 15 minutes.

If you didn't buy a ticket to Dietikon, you need to buy one at the main station. A one-way ticket (2nd class) is about CHF 6.00, available at a ticket machine or at the counter.

Once arrived in Dietikon, leave the train station to the left (where the big bus terminal is). There is a street to the left between the church and the bus station in front of you. There are rails in the street, follow these rails and the street.

After 170m you reach a crossroads. Cross it and walk straight on. You will pass a hairdressers (at the crossing), a supermarket ("Coop") to your left and a newsagent to your right.

After 260m (measured from the crossroads), the rails change from the right side to the left side of the street. You can also see a white sign "Berufsschule" which points to the left.

Turn left and you are at the Schöneggstrasse. Follow this street for about 120m and you are at the Berufsbildungszentrum where the conference will take place.

Travelling by car

Dietikon has two motorway exits, one of them is very close to our location.

Please follow the motorway A4 up to the exit 27 "Urdorf Nord".

Don't use the exit 58 "Dietikon, Spreitenbach" on the motorway A1! (You would have to drive all through the city centre and it's more difficult to find!).

Turn right at the exit "Urdorf Nord". and follow the signs to "Dietikon" or "Dietikon Zentrum". Stay on the left lane! After 850m you need to turn left at a traffic light.

After this turn, you pass a train station on your right (called "Glanzenberg"). Follow this road for 1.5km.

Before entering the centre of Dietikon you have to turn left. There is a white sign "Berufsschule" where you need to turn left.

Turn right after 150m. You are now at the Schöneggstrasse. Follow this road for 250m and you are directly in front of the Berufsbildungszentrum, where the conference will take place.

Parking situation

We try to arrange a deal with the local police: The parking field in front of the school should be free from Thursday 26th until Sunday 29th of April. (This is not finally arranged)

The hotel itself offers free parking to it's customers (as long as there is some space).

Please keep in mind: We have only limited capacities! If ever possible, use the public transport to travel to Dietikon.